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Repair Lighting fixtures, chandeliers, sales and shades, and so much more.

It has been awhile since our last post and update on our page. Massimo Frank Lighting has become the go to store for all your lamp and lighting fixture repair place. But since we opened 6 years ago we have become so much more.

* The best repair company for light fixture repairs.

* The best prices on shades and finials for all your lighting needs.

* We always carry a large variety of lights and chandeliers on the showroom floor.

*Furniture and special pieces to complete your home design.

*Come see were the local high end designers come to create new looks and play with fashion.

Over the years we have fixed more lights and chandeliers for our customers, and will always try to make them very happy at the end of the day, with their new fixture. We try and update our stock continually, and will always surprise you with the new finds we come across.

Our biggest request has become our shades. We have discovered that this is a niche that needed some shake up. The old way of doing shades was off the shelve shades at very high prices, that were boring and plain.

We partnered with a shade company in Florida that makes all the shades from scratch. The frames are made to fit your needs, and the fabrics are very different, from wall papers, to parchments to silks and quick stock colors. A shade can be custom painted to match any design as long as we have the swatch from a local paint company. You can always bring us a roll of your fabric and we can have a custom shade made for you, and it wont break the bank.

We have switched this platform to bring you all the new looks in the shade industry. I will be posting all our new finds and will share with you availability and ideas.

As always, if you do have any questions for repair or design questions, Massimo, Frank and Rick will always be willing to chat and help you. We are open 9a.m-5p.m, Monday- Saturday. Please do not hesitate, call 561-444-3331. If we do not get to you we will return your call ASAP. Warm regards and Happy Designing.

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